News flash!

There’s a lot of news!

Lucas Vergeest is our new synth player.
He is from Nijmegen and his first live show with the group will be at Popronde Zwolle the 10th of September.
Ester is going to focus on other things, we wish her all the best.

We had a GREAT time at de-Affaire! It was very special to headline the Lift! podium that day. Thank you all for watching, listening, and screaming with us. Special thanks to the guy down the front playing air-guitar the entire show!

Next: we’re going to release something in September… We’re going to record a 4 song acoustic digital EP. It’s going to be a FREE DOWNLOAD. Yes! We’ve done a couple of acoustic shows and we’ve got a lot of reactions to them. We reworked a lot of songs from the ‘Beneath the Surface’ album for these shows and now we want to capture them in a studio performance.

We did some interviews:
We did one with 3voor12 about de-Affaire: interview
And we did one with Ugenda about cd’s/lp’s, Anita Doth and other influences: interview

We made some road movies together with Tim, Isabel and Bart.
Check them out here:
1) Oddstream + Kaderock
2) 3voor12/Gelderland + Bergpop

See you at the Popronde!

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