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FRUIT OF THE ORIGINAL SINA tight orchestrated wall of noise

Fruit of the Original Sin is a Dutch/German alternative rock group.
The band combines fuzz guitar rock and electronic sounds to create raw emotional music with loads of energy. Recently the band released its third album ‘The Black Lodge’. Like its predecessor ‘Beneath The Surface’ it got enthusiastically received and higly reviewed.
Dutch leading magazine ‘Music Maker’ gave the album 4 out of 5 stars and wrote: “With ‘The Black Lodge’ Fruit of the Original Sin remind us how exciting industrial rock can be instead.”

Fruit of the Original Sin was formed in 2006 by singer/guitarist and songwriter Freek Philippi, and since 2015 is completed by Thomas Merkle on keyboards, André Kaysers on bass and Ruben Ramirez on drums. Being a mix of Dutch, German and Italian musicians, the band fittingly rehearses in a disused border station right on the frontier – as if it was to support their crossing of borders between musical genres: the band mixes elements of alternative rock, grunge, industral and shoegaze into “a clear sound of its own” (‘Lust for Life’ magazine). This unique blend could easily be coming from Walter White’s lab: think of a mixture of emotional vocals, ripping fuzz guitars, grinding electronics, pumping bass and impulsive drums, and you’ll get a hint of what’s coming at you.


The band released its debut album ‘Bleach The Sky’ at the end of 2006. It was a dark, saturated grunge record and got positive reviews: 3Voor12/Utrecht wrote “Definitely worth listening” and Gunmagazine compared it to early days Dinosaur Jr, The Wipers and Screaming Trees. It brought the band to underground stages all over the Netherlands. Songs were played on national TV shows like Rozengeur and Wodkalime and were broadcasted on national radio shows like Kink FM.

Follow-up album ‘Beneath The Surface’ (2010) expanded the fuzz guitar-driven sound with a broad sound palette of grinding synthesizers and electronica. Its sound symbiose got compared to Smashing Pumpkins, Nine Inch Nails, Nerve and Sonic Youth. The diversity of the songs, from moody, epic and quiet to loud and in your face ensures that you keep listening.

It debuted on the VPRO’s Luisterpaal and received 4/5 stars. The album got great reviews in the Netherlands and Belgium, like on ‘Festivalinfo.nl’ (4,5/5 stars), ‘Music Maker’ (4/5 stars) and ‘ROAREzine.com’ (4/5 stars). On ‘Festivalinfo.nl’ Jan Didden wrote: “Beneath The Surface is a super strong and addictive album”. The album brought the band further into the live scene with summer festivals, national radio, and its first shows outside of the country. The band’s latest album ‘The Black Lodge’ was released in 2015 and further expanded on the guitar/synth blend of sounds. Songs are compact and in your face, ranging from moodfull buildups to stomping screamers. Again, the album got rave reviews in The Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Dutch leading magazine ‘Music Maker’ wrote: “With ‘The Black Lodge’ Fruit of the Original Sin reminds us how exciting industrial rock can be instead.” German ‘Gitarre & Bass’ magazine made the band ‘Act of the Month’, saying: “This absolutely bombastic mix between rough Stoner rock, Industrial and influences from Progressive comes spot-on – and is great, dark rock cinema which can have a long-lasting and intense effect in your head. Really very well done!”

Fruit of the Original Sin (Foto: Sharon van Oijen)Photo: Sharon van Oijen

Live, the gentleman are known for delivering a huge dose of energy.
The ‘Gelderlander’ wrote: “A tight orchestrated wall of noise, spiced up with bizarre sound effects. Extremely nutritious for the ears.”
Dutch music platform ‘3voor12’ wrote about their evening closing show at the ‘Affaire Festival’: “For the full forty minutes the band impresses with its tight playing. The four-piece band is obviously the brainchild of singer/guitarist Freek Philippi, but his bandmates are right up there with him, as can be seen in some very nice guitar duels. He has become a convincing and compelling frontman, who moreover doesn’t let himself be pigeonholed as a one trick pony. When a song like ‘No More Blue Tomorrows’ transforms into slower intrumental pieces, it looks like the band changes with it, and all you can say is: Epic.”
Fruit of the Original Sin played over 80 gigs in clubs and festivals in England, Wales, Belgium, Netherlands and Germany. This summer they have scheduled an Eastern European tour leading them throught the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Croatia.

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